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for foreign tourists in Russia

St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan
You came to St. Petersburg,
and you need internet?
We have three news for you. And all are good!
1. Unlimited access to 350+ wi-fi hotspots in the city of St.-Petersburg
+ Connection within 5 minutes at the reception
+ Low cost
+ No additional equipment
CityWIFI - access to any of those hotspots, located in the popular areas of the city: museums, restaurants, the airport, railway stations, and theatres.
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290 r.-
~ $4,5
for 7 days
2. Your personal Internet is always with you.
+ Connection within 5 minutes at the reception
+ Mobile Internet is always with you
+ Additional battery
+ Additional security - only you are connected to your wi-fi
PrivateWIFI – A portable hotspot device that you can put in your pocket and to which you easily connect up to 5 of your gadgets, be it your smartphone or laptop.

It is a convenient solution for those who wish to have internet access in any place and at any time outside of their hotel.
490 rub
~ $ 8
for 3 days
3. Connect to the Internet directly via SIM-card
+ Connection in less than 5 minutes at the reception desk
+ Unlimited Internet - download whatever you want
+ Just insert our SIM in your smartphone and enjoy Internet as usual
+ Affordable price

GuestSIM is an easy way to access the Internet. By inserting our SIM-card, you can instantly enjoy a smooth LTE connection from our best mobile operators.

The Internet will be available to you everywhere, without any third-party applications or additional devices. Just your phone and you.
590 р.-
~ $9,5
for 7 days
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